With fast paced lives and the continuous chase to meet deadlines, the tired mind and body do tend to seek out for a stress buster and increasingly so. Some people enjoy a stressful situation and find a rewarding experience in working under stress. Whereas there are people who are bogged down by stress and find

What is a prostate massage?

Prostate massage and prostate milking are terms used to describe the massage or stimulation of the prostate gland in males, either for medical or sexual purposes. The two terms are interchangeable, although “massage” is more frequently used when the purpose is relief of symptoms of chronic prostatitis, and “milking” when the purpose is the reduction

Physical Massage Therapy and Stress

Physical Massage Therapy has shown to boost the body’s ability to heal, as well as relieve stress. Massage therapy has been employed to treat a variety of conditions. Benefits of Massage therapy vary from relieving stress and anxiety to easing the pain of arthritis, migraine or fibromyalgia (A chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain,