Massage Equipment

A fruitful massage therapy session owes a lot to the environment and equipment used during the session. A soothing environment sets the tone for things to come while a right massage equipment ensures their role in rendering a beneficial massage therapy session. It is also important for learners and practitioners alike to know what kind of massage equipment will be best suited to the therapy.

How do we define massage equipment? Massage equipment is various aids that can be used at the time of massage to ensure the comfort of the massage receiver. The receiver prior to their first massage has various pre-conceptions about the therapy.The certain way to drive the preconceptions away and make him/her comfortable is to set the right environment and equipment to ensure the right beginning.
What are the various Massage Equipment that can be used? Massage equipment can vary with kind of massage that is being rendered to the receiver. But a comprehensive list has been created to inform learners and practitioners alike about the tools at hand. Massage equipment includes:

Massage Tables
Massage Chairs
Massage Cushions
Lotions and Gels
Table Extensions
Reflexology stools
Mud’s and Scrubs
Linens and wraps
Aromatherapy supplies
Bolsters for the neck
Hot Stone Massage Equipment
Supplies for Herbal therapy
Pillows for Body Support and Back Care
Cleaners and Sanitizers
Hand Massage tools: Backnobbers, hand rollers etc…
Neuro-Muscular Therapy (NMT) tools
Spa equipment/Spa treatment supplies
Electric Massagers etc…
In addition to the massage equipment used for therapy, a soothing environment for the massage can be created with the help of various aids to make a massage therapy session a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the receiver. The following are some of the helpful and time-tested aids put to use by practitioners:
Having soothing music
Signs, posters and printed paraphernalia on Massage Therapy
Anatomical Charts
Massage Music and
Massage videos

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